Oakley Forest is a closely held family ownership consisting of 2,861 contiguous acres ± in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. The property has been held by the family for generations with a focus on growing high value, large diameter pine and oak sawtimber. The result is a mature, diverse forest yielding 113 tons of merchantable forest products per forested acre, providing buyers with immediate cash-flow and management opportunities.

Spread throughout the forest land are several small agricultural fields and game openings that provide over 200 acres of important wildlife habitat. The mosaic of habitats across Oakley’s landscape combined with frontage along the historic Po River make it truly unique. Oakley has the scale, history and management that makes it a trophy recreational property that supports large white-tail deer, turkey, and other game species.

With an array of distinctive attributes, Oakley Forest lends itself to a variety of complimentary land uses including timber production, recreation, agriculture and conservation. The property demonstrates the results of patient, conservative forestry and land management. Its well stocked, mature timber resource make Oakley one of the finest privately-held ownerships in the region.

Property Details