$22,000,000 CDN
6,336± Acres
LandVest is pleased to present, in affiliation with Sutton West Coast Realty, this British Columbia Timberland Offering to you. With exchange rates continuing to favor US investment in Canada and US timberlands transacting at record prices in the Pacific Northwest, the Texada Timberlands provide an excellent value opportunity for the US investor. Unlike timberland investments in certain other foreign markets, investment in British Columbia provides a safe and secure business climate within which to manage timberlands. A variety of positive macro-investment rationales support investment in British Columbia including access to key markets in Asia and North America, formal agreements facilitating duty-free access to markets in the US and Mexico, a positive business climate, low energy costs, and a network of efficient sawmills providing domestic demand for logs. It is for these reasons that Canada is one of the world?s largest exporters of wood products. Texada consists of 6,336 acres +/- of fee simple commercial timberland having a well-managed mature forest resource on fully stocked and productive sites. The timberland is located approximately 75 miles northwest of Vancouver, B.C. on Texada Island. Offered at $22,000,000 CDN (Approximately $17,000,000 US), the Texada Timberlands provide an opportunity to own and invest in high site, Douglas-fir timberlands which can be operated with ground-based systems and marketed into either domestic (Canadian) or export (US or Asian) markets.

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