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26,786± Acres

Hancock Natural Resource Group, on behalf of its investors, has retained LandVest Inc. as its advisor and broker in the strategic disposition of approximately 26,786± acres of Inland Empire timberlands.

Interested parties may bid on both blocks combined or the Washington or Idaho blocks separately. Each of the blocks consists of a large number of unique timberland parcels with a range of size, species mix, and age. Configured as such, the timberlands are well-suited for entity-level timberland management and provide ample opportunities for strategic disposition into the well-established and active recreation and conservation markets in the area.

Washington Block - Consisting of 51 separate parcels located primarily between Lake Roosevelt (on the West) and the Idaho border (on the East), the Washington Block is well served by local domestic log markets in Colville, Kettle Falls, and Spokane; as well as markets in western Idaho and Montana. With 67,652 MBF on 10,259 merchantable acres, these timberlands will provide short-term harvest and ongoing revenue for the timberland owner. The predominant species include Douglas-fir and western larch (58%), grand fir and western hemlock (11%), western red-cedar (9%), and ponderosa pine (16%) with additional contributions of other intermountain conifer and hardwood species.

Idaho Block - The 25 parcels of this block include concentrations southeast of St. Maries, ID and in the Sandpoint, ID area. The predominant species are Douglas-fir and western larch (30%), grand fir and western hemlock (27%), western red-cedar (11%), ponderosa pine (7%), and other conifer (24%). Logs from the Idaho Block are in demand from Idaho facilities in Priest River, St. Maries, Plummer, and Kellogg and Montana facilities in St. Regis and Thompson Falls. Merchantable conifer volume of 8.1MBF/acre on 5,722 forested acres over 35 years old demonstrates the ability of the Idaho block to provide harvest revenue over various time horizons.

Although each of the blocks are unique, there are important similarities. Primarily consisting of merchantable, forested stands over 35 years old, both blocks provide diversity in terms of age class distribution, species composition, and a mixture of both even and uneven-aged forest types. Similarly, the site quality is consistent across the entire Crystal Falls Timberlands ownership with an overall average site index of 77 and the majority of stands occurring in site classes 70, 80, and 90. These timberlands have been managed by industrial timberland owners for decades and benefited from significant expenditures in silviculture and infrastructure. In addition to continued production of timber products, a number of parcels within each block could contribute to a strategic HBU disposition program.

A comprehensive collection of property information will be provided via a virtual data room on or about August 18, 2015, with access provided upon receipt of an executed confidentiality agreement. Included in the data room will be a third-party, current timber inventory, preliminary title report, and phase I environmental assessment. Additional information will be provided on access, markets, wildlife, and other pertinent items. Interested parties may choose to bid on either the 17,206± acre Washington Block or the 9,771± Idaho Block in a single-stage auction event. Final bids will be due on October 23, 2015. LandVest Inc., is a national real estate advisory firm based in Boston. We specialize in large and complex timberland dispositions throughout the United States. Interested parties are invited to contact David Walters at (541)790-2105 or for more details.

For more information please contact:

David K. Walters, PhD

This sale is conducted in association with
The Boling Company of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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