Chadwick Point is located along a prominent peninsula on the western shore of Maine’s renowned East Grand Lake, just south of Butterfield Landing. This 28-acre parcel of vacant land has 2,394 feet of water frontage and offers spectacular long-range views to the east. The softwood forest, including stately pine and hemlock trees, provides a classic Maine lakefront. The land is suitable either for personal use, or modest development, similar to that located at the end of the point on adjacent private parcels. Access to the property is via a legal gravel right-of-way that originates from Route 1 in Danforth. Additional access will be conveyed via a yet-to-be completed legal right-of-way that will cross abutting land to the west. All of the land adjoining this parcel to the west and south is planned to be conserved by a conservation easement in the future. Enjoy all that comes with owning and stewarding a small portion of Maine’s picturesque lakefront land.

Property Details