Spruce Creek consists of a 3,398±-acre forest situated adjacent to the southwesterly edge of Adirondack State Park in the towns of Norway and Salisbury, New York. The property offers a well-stocked, professionally managed timber resource with a variety of hardwood and softwood stand types providing opportunities for near-term harvesting and long-term value appreciation. A February 2019 timber inventory shows 5.9 MBF and 18.6 cords per commercial acre with sawtimber volumes composed predominantly of spruce/fir, red maple, hemlock, yellow birch, sugar maple, and black cherry. Extensive frontage along Spruce Creek and a shared border with Ferris Lake Wild Forest complement the property with additive recreation and conservation values. Access is gained from several points along Dairy Hill and Mexico Roads along with a well-developed right-of-way from Jerseyfield Road providing seasonal access to the areas north of Spruce Creek. The property is enrolled in New York’s favorable 480-A property tax program. Utica and Rome offer primary population centers along Interstate-90 less than one hour from the property. 

Property Details