Boyd Creek is a turn-key timberland property which would perform equally well as a stand-alone timberland investment or as a complimentary addition to an existing portfolio. At just over 1,000 acres, Boyd Creek is large enough to offer a matrix of harvest units, with varying maturity profiles, yet small enough to accommodate ease of management and long-term planning.

Located in the North Cascades of Skagit County, Boyd sits approximately 18 miles east of Sedro-Wooley. As part of the Boyd Creek drainage, the property fronts the Skagit River with direct access to the South Skagit Highway. Approximately 79% of the property is classified as operable and available for timber management.

The age-class profile on Boyd Creek favors the mid-rotation age. Nearly 65% of productive acres are plantations aged 20 to 29 years. This key decadal band sits at the cusp of grade change when stands will begin to add significant incremental sawtimber volume as they level up to merchantable classification.

The current forest inventory on Boyd Creek reports approximately 5.6 MBF per gross acre. The inventory volume is dominated by Douglas-fir at approximately 66% of the total, followed by 23% western hemlock. Small components of western redcedar and hardwood are also present.

Considered in its entirety, Boyd Creek is an easy to manage, consolidated block of western Washington timberland with tremendous growth potential over the next 15 years. With a high application to net operable acres, these forest stands, favoring Douglas-fir, have been professionally managed for decades. This, coupled with the ease of access, single-controlled access point, and distance to markets, make it a quality timberland investment.

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