Located just north of the White Mountain National Forest along the Maine and New Hampshire border, Success Hill Forest is a well-managed timberland investment that benefits from decades of prudent forest management and sound silviculture spanning multiple ownerships. As a result, the land is well-stocked with timber in all age-classes and poised for steady biological growth and financial appreciation for many years to come.

The forest is currently comprised of 74% hardwood-dominated stands and 26% softwood. Based on a 2016 timber inventory, stocking is estimated at 27,175 MBF of sawtimber and 73,108 cords of pulpwood, with approximately 3.36 MBF per commercial acre. The property benefits from several miles of legal rights-of-way and crossing rights with four points of legal access. Once on the ownership, a well-established internal road network provides access to all areas of the property. The State of New Hampshire holds a conservation easement on the property with one of the primary purposes being to manage the forestland in a biologically and economically sustainable manner for the production of timber, pulpwood, and other forest products.

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