Straddling the Croydon-Grantham town line in northern Sullivan County, New Hampshire, this 1,276-acre ± timberland parcel combines a well-balanced timber resource, long frontage along several historic roads, and a rich cultural heritage under the forest canopy. This former agricultural land lies within the Ash Swamp Brook watershed, one of the major tributaries of the Sugar River to the east. The sandy loam soils found across the landscape are well suited for timber production. The topography is gently rolling with modest elevation changes across the property, and the condition of the forest is variable. A timber inventory was conducted in the late summer of 2017 with estimated total stocking of nearly 32 cords per forested acre. Major species include white pine, red maple, spruce-fir, and hemlock. Beyond its pure timberland attributes, the property provides excellent recreational opportunities, possible conservation pursuits, and the potential for some modest residential development.

Property Details