Located in western Pennsylvania on the Allegheny Plateau just south of Saint Mary’s, the Moshannon Forest is a hardwood timberland investment predominately featuring oak and Allegheny hardwood forest types. The terrain is varied from gently sloping to mountainous with an abundance of mid-slope site conditions favorable for quality hardwood growth. More than 13 MMBF of grade sawtimber (4.8 MBF per forested acre) occupies the property. Red oak is the dominate sawtimber species, while other oak species, hard and soft maple, and black cherry are also common. Much of the forest is mature or maturing with many areas exhibiting substantial volumes of high-quality sawtimber-sized stems. Other areas have previously been regenerated or are mid-rotational, creating a favorable age-class distribution. Moshannon is benefited by excellent access, recreational lease income, and potential conservation opportunities.

The Moshannon Forest offering represents a solid investment in timberland with moderate cash flow potential from operations, excellent site conditions for biological growth, and product appreciation with additive recreational, conservation, and development potential.

Property Details