Lead Verifier & Biometrician
Timberland Marketing and Natural Resource Consulting
Terese Walsh Realtor
  • Phone: 541.790.2110
  • Cell: 541.221.2649
Concord, NH
One Capitol Street
Concord, NH 03301

Terese Walsh is Lead Verifier and Forest Biometrician for LandVest. She is responsible for overseeing all quantitative and analytical aspects of carbon projects for LandVest’s Verification Body under the California Air Resource Board compliance offset protocols. In addition to carbon verification work, Terese will contribute to other western consulting projects as deemed appropriate.

In recent years, Terese has been working as a private biometrics consultant – very often engaged as a contractor for LandVest. Prior to her private practice, Terese worked as a biometrician for a large natural resource consulting firm, as well as serving as a verifier and biometrician for an established carbon verification body. Earlier in her career, she was a member of the faculty at The University of Minnesota and Clemson University. Terese has a BS in Forest Management from Iowa State University and an MS in Forest Biometrics from Virginia Tech.