LandVest Vermont - Burlington Realtor
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Burlington, VT
186 College Street
Burlington, VT 05401
Led by Regional Manager and Principal Broker, Wade Weathers, who over his 25 years with LandVest has continuously set new records for Vermont sales across the state.LandVest’s Burlington brokerage group includes Averill Cook, T. Story Jenks and Liz Kiggen. Ave works closely with Wade in continuing LandVest’s leadership along Lake Champlain’s waterfront from his base in Shelburne. Story has particular expertise in gentleman’s farms, working forests and farmland, with notable sales along the lake partnering with Wade and Ave. Liz Kiggen directs marketing outreach for Burlington, coordinating global marketing with LandVest’s team in the Boston Headquarters and with Christie’s International Real Estate in New York.
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Notable sales include:
Bay Point, Panton, VT $3,260,000
Kokokhas, Colchester, VT $4,350,000
Slate Farm, Charlotte, VT $5,000,000 Record Sale
Bessboro Farm, Westport, NY $4,850,000 Record Sale
Someday, West Dover, VT $2,500,000
Camp Blueberry, Bay Pond Park, NY $10,545,000 Record Sale
Orchard Point, Shelburne, VT $3,400,000
Harbor Road, Shelburne, VT $3,750,00
Quaker Smith Point, Shelburne, VT $3,550,000
Grosse Point, Ferrisburgh, VT $8,500,000 Record Sale
Westerly, Shelburne, VT $3,150,000
Deer Hill, Shelburne, VT $3,100,000
McNeil Tavern, Charlotte, VT $2,225,000
Harbor Road, Shelburne, VT $3,889,000 Record Sale
Quaker Smith Point North, Shelburne, VT $3,150,000
Shelburne Point Land, Shelburne, VT $3,050,000
Wait House, Shelburne, VT $2,375,000
October Farm, Westport, NY $2,450,000 Record Sale
Stonehill Farm, Quechee, VT $5,700,000
Sawyer Bay Farm, South Hero, VT $2,500,000
Tunturi Farm, Huntington, VT $2,800,000
Glenmorgan, Woodstock, VT $3,500,00


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