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First, what is the “New Breed” of Agent? Is it just an agent who is tech savvy, looking for great tools that only top firms can provide? Or is it an agent who leverages great sales skills with new style communication (social networking, high quality data, etc.)?

The “New Breed” of Agent is both. The “New Breed” of Brokerage must be able to support a wide array of agents for the future.

At Helen Adams Realty (partners with LandVest in The Enterprise Network of independent, top-tier brokerage firms), we strive to develop the new breed of real estate agents. We are a family owned business, pushed by next generation of Adams.  The “new breed” of agents want systems that are easy to use, fast, cost-effective and are accessible from mobile devices. Our agents look to the brokerage to design systems, debug, and train to leverage costs across the agent population.

There are too many tools, new devices and other products coming online all the time for any one person to keep up with.  I receive questions every week from our agents asking me about everything from DropBox, Docu-Sign, Sky Drive, Skype, Google+, iPad’s, Facebook and on and on.  We focus on a few key tools, develop best practices that our top “new breed” agents have incorporated into their business, and teach them to our entire agent team.

We do this to meet client needs: Everyone has access “DATA” on the internet (such as Zestimates by Zillow or other online valuation tools). This information is not always correct, and can be very misleading.  The “new breed” of agent wants tools to provide their clients and all consumers with better information, branded to the agent and firm.  This information gap is a role the “new breed” of agent must fill.  The brokerage should provide high quality information, in easily accessible form, for the agent to incorporate into their work.  The agent tailors information for each individual to make their informed
real estate decision.

The “new breed” of agent leads to a “new breed of staff and brokerage”. They must understand,

1. How to “counsel” old style agents to move forward,
2. How to support “new breed” agents with nimble, easy to implement solutions,
3. How to meet the client’s needs, to serve them better and grow our business.

This turns what were once administrative staff roles into coaching, counseling, willing, ready and able role that’s hands-on and involved in the agent’s life.

Leadership means anticipating the future, anticipating trends, and inspiring, goading, (sometimes catching up with) our team in these new paths.  Our clients drive our business.  Our goal is to anticipate and meet our clients’ needs, by providing our team with the tools they need to flourish in a time of rapid (and seemingly permanent) change.
Written by:
Scott Farrell
COO at Helen Adams Realty




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